From our first ePost 2100 Commander, Dan Albertus

Col. Larry Alan Hoff, USAF (Ret), of Loganville, passed away on Thursday, October 20, 2011, after a long and courageous battle with esophageal and liver cancer. Larry was born on November 8, 1946 in Monroe, WI to Glen and June Hoff, Sr. Col. Hoff entered the United States Air Force in 1968 after receiving his commission from ROTC at San Jose State University. He was a career pilot, unconventional warfare officer and Joint Staff Officer who had commanded at all levels from detachment to Squadron. During Operation Desert Shield\Storm, Col. Hoff was the Director of the Joint Staff Crisis Action Team (CAT). He followed this with assignments as the Director of Operations for the United Nations Special Commission for Iraq (UNSCOM) responsible for planning and conducting international inspections for weapons of mass destruction within Iraq. He followed that with an assignment as Director of Special Management (AMC-TACC) where he was responsible as Director of NATO Air Operations for NATO AFSOUTH for planning and operations of the NATO imposed peace between Croatia, Bosnia, and Serb combatants in the former Yugoslavia. After retirement, in 1995, he served thirteen years as the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) for GA-956, Senior Representative for AFJROTC region COAR-2 QAFJROTC, and as Director of Emergency Management for Walton County Public School System.

He retired in June 2010. Col. Hoff was also an assistant professor of Health Science/ Emergency Management for TUI University. He was a member of the American Legion, Department of Georgia Junior Vice Commander), National Sojourners (Commander of Hero’s of 76), Daedalion Society of Military Pilots, Air Force Association, Military Officers Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Royal Order of Scotland (president), Loganville Shrine Club (past treasurer and vice president), Yaarab Shrine and Legion of Honor, York Rite, Scottish Rite and Columbia Lodge #91. Col. Hoff married Linda Baker Hoff on June 29, 2001. In 2011-2012 Larry Hoff was The American Legion of Georgia, Department Senior Vice Commander. The following year (2012-2013) he was slated to be Department of Georgia Commander. I had the opportunity to meet Larry in 2011 and was so impressed with his dynamic personality and leadership, that I wanted to learn more about his Cyber dreams and plans for the future of The American Legion in Georgia. Larry believed fervently that The Legion in Georgia could be a leader in helping our organization at the National, Department, District and Post levels, to update and modernize our use of Cyber tools and communications.

Larry had presented a broad concept of using a Cyber Strategy to the Department Officers which they accepted in concept. We discussed how to develop the approach with Past Commander, Charlie Tucker. We all knew that bringing new technology to our nearly Century old organization would not be easy. Another close friend of Larry’s in our effort was Tommy Hatton, who has helped us in so many ways. During this period, Larry’s health while fighting Esophageal and Liver Cancer, worsened and I volunteered to help him, as an unofficial adjutant, to keep his work moving ahead. In October, 2011, Larry passed away.

The year that followed, was a struggle to get two ideas accepted: 1) Possible ePost 2100 concept accepted and 2) a Department Cyber Committee concept accepted. When these ideas were nearly killed, a close friend of Larry, the new 2012-2013 Department Commander, Bill Lienhop, took Dennis McClendon and me to Florida to visit their Department cyber post. That trip and Bill’s support breathed life back into Larry’s dreams. Only one name could be given to Georgia’s Cyber Post and that was ‘Larry A. Hoff’. On March 11, 2013, the ePost2100.org was chartered. So, now, if you are asked just who the man was, you will have some good information to impart. After all, our ePost 2100 is named for Colonel Hoff.