Check to See What Discounts We’ve Discovered In Your Area

Our Discount Specialists are working tirelessly to find discounts in your city.  For your convenience, we have published online all of the cities listed in the Veterans Discount Directory.  The cities represent metro areas and veteran-friendly merchants we have reached out to so far.  Click here to check for your area.

Sshhh! – Private Discount Offers  


The Veterans Discount Directory provides veterans and active duty servicemembers private access to exclusive year-round discounts and freebies offered by veteran-friendly merchants.

While many businesses reach out to veterans and active duty servicemembers by offering discounts and freebies, many veterans are well aware that some businesses do not advertise or promote discounted prices from products or services.

In fact, it is being discovered every day that more businesses would like to advertise their offers to veterans, but can’t find the time to make it happen or doing so is not in their operating budget.

Online searches for discounted deals have been helpful to many veterans, and there are many very good websites that help veterans and active duty servicemembers find discount deals offered by veteran-friendly merchants.  However, some veterans are discovering that the merchants on some websites either don’t offer discounts as suggested on the website, or it is much different then what is indicated on a particular website.

U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs (USVCP) has reached out to thousands of merchants, and continue reaching out via direct telephone contact to business owners and managers seeking discounts for veterans and active duty servicemembers.  A team of highly eager discount specialists find the deals many websites don’t publish and provide discount stipulations missed by many websites.  These special relationships have resulted in very exclusive offers that are only accessed via the Veterans Discount Directory.

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